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We Love what we do, we are literally a Tiny construction company based in the heart of the United Kingdom. We are proud to be a Green & Environmentally friendly construction company.

We've spent a lifetime working on construction projects all over the world, now we have combined all the best building techniques into our TinyUK home designs.

We have a combined experience of over 100 years in construction. 
Our passion for Tiny Homes actually began way back in 2006
. This was while we were living down south in Antarctica building the most advanced British research stations on the planet, this was for the

British Antarctic Survey

Our adopted team mascots have since been tiny but well insulated Emperor penguins 

It's impossible not to fall in love with penguins, especially with so many of the fluffy tiny bundles  waddling around playing carefree everyday.

For this reason we also adopted our logo colours to honour our tiny friends.

Little Lucy
Little Lucy

Say Hi to Lucy

Halley 6  (Team Night Shift)
Halley 6 (Team Night Shift)

Collab Team South Africa New Zealand United Kingdom

Halley 6
Halley 6

Peek A Boo

Little Lucy
Little Lucy

Say Hi to Lucy


Penguins do more than just survive in the harshest conditions on earth, they thrive

We have been really lucky to have served with the British Antarctic Survey for a good number of years, building & maintaining high performance research stations. Which keep the crucial teams of scientists nice & cosy all year round in some of the most extreme weather conditions on our planet.

Fun Facts

Forms of tiny homes have been used for 120 years in Antarctica. We even helped to construct the worlds largest £26million mobile home/ research station Halley VI.



These adorable penguins moved us so much. that it deeply saddened us daily,

that our hardy friends existence hangs in the balance

with changing climate conditions.

A high percentage of CO2 produced in households, is for heating poorly designed homes


That's why we are using our Antarctic construction skills & 

experience from projects all over the world to make high performance sustainable TinyUK homes, which are comfortable all year round in all weathers.

Like the penguins we can also thrive when we are all working together.

Together we can change the impact we personally have on our environment.

We pride ourselves on showing the world that you can live a lifestyle sustainably

We are dedicated to only using construction products for our TinyUK homes

that are either recyclable, renewable, reusable & organic.

Along with where ever possible items that are produced by responsible manufacturers,

who use renewable energy sources.


TinyUK homes with solar have the highest energy performance rating possible.

Zero to low annual running cost & zero to low amounts of CO2 being generated

thanks to the design of TinyUK homes. 


The TinyUK team have all been really lucky, we have worked all over the world from Scandinavia,

New Zealand to Tahiti.

On such projects as passive home construction.

We have even spent winters living in tiny homes up in Alaska & down in Antarctica.

It's safe to say we know how to build homes to be super cozy &

efficient anywhere in the world.

It's due to our experience of construction in the harshest environments on earth,

that we have the confidence to ensure our TinyUK homes all come with a 50 year

construction warranty.

Our own unique multi layer engineered floor, wall & roof systems

has been perfected across the world.
Which in turn allows our walls to maximise insulation,

indoor air quality & structural longevity of your TinyUK home.


We are still very much a Tiny company based in the heart of the United Kingdom.


Our Investing In Communities program has grown organically from our passion of giving back to community groups that help to positively shape the world we all live in. 

Over the years we have personally visited volunteer projects in Zimbabwe, Malawi, Tanzania with orphanages & schools.

Along with.

 Animal conservation projects in Antarctica, DR-Congo, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Malawi, Fiji, Amazon & Costa Rica.

We have sailed the high seas & every ocean. Jubilee Sailing Trust is a wonderful charity that promotes people with life limiting conditions to have adventures, while sailing tall ships around the world.

We are now looking to use our skills to support communities, who wish to be independent & live a more sustainable lifestyle using our TinyUK self builds. 


Ultimately as you are aware our goal is to assist with reducing CO2 from the housing market,

by supplying an alternative for everyone who wants to live more sustainably.

Alongside this runs our ethos in increasing job opportunities,

that provides employees with a high quality of a work life balance.


We love being at the forefront with design & engineering.

So much so we have launched our design competition.  

To help us design our next generation of TinyUK homes. 

We are currently in communication with such engineering outreach programs as run by

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The TinyUK Family


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