Your home will be ready for delivery on the 30th of January.  Or add yourself to our earlier buildslot cancellation waiting list, we will contact you to give you the option of a earlier buildslot, if one becomes available.


We will contact you 60 days or earlier before your delivery date, for your final payment & to confirm design options.




1 euro per km for delivery within mainland EU 

Available in four sizes (VAT Included)

6600mm £19,000, 7200mm £21,000, 7800mm £23,000, 8400mm £25,000

TinyUK Homes are fully passive sealed, using Swiss engineered vapour barriers, this includes the underside of your home which ensures everything is within the perfectly conditioned space.

Roofs have 3 independent waterproof layers for ultra performance & longevity.

Roof sheets are black coated corrugated galvanised sheets.

Windows are double sealed using stormproof seals along with compression EPDM/Neoprene.

Floors are constructed with none thermally bridged 100mm of insulation.

Windows & doors are German engineered triple glazed units.

Exterior none window sided walls arrive with additional insulation installed behind the cladding for extra warmth.

The insulation for the ceiling & walls is natural sheep wool which comes in 100mm thick manufactured rolls.

Wall & ceiling insulation arrives bagged so you can save time installing your own wiring/ plumbing.

It will be your responsibility to purchase and fit every component of your own interior to suit your own individual style.

The floor panels can easily be unscrewed to allow you access should you need to install anything within the floor insulation.


Included in your deposit is one pre site visit, we will visit your chosen location & present you with a full survey. So you can relax that there will be no unforeseen complications on your homes delivery day.

Your TinyUK self build home lengths will arrive weighing approx:

6600mm 2 axle 2300kg. max weight permitted on chassis is 3500kg

7200mm 2 axle 2500kg. max weight permitted on chassis is 3500kg

7800mm 2 axle 2700kg. max weight permitted on chassis is 3500kg

Double door width sizes with each increase in home length:

6600mm =1200mm wide door, 7200mm =1400mm, 7800mm =1600mm

Window width sizes with each increase in home length:

6600mm =1200mm wide windows. 7200mm=1300mm, 7800mm =1400mm

Moni Omega Energy Performance Rating example advertised is 100% achievable with completed self builds with solar setups.

Any trailer over 7m (not including A frame) & weighing more than 3501+kg will need to be towed by a vehicle weighing more than 3500kg. Externally all tiny homes are 2550mm wide, with a maximum external height of 3900mm. All Vlemmix trailers have a fixed A-frame/ tow ball connector length of 1500mm.

note: UK & EU Highway Law does not included the A-frame length when measuring trailer lengths.

Your self build is covered by our Lifetime Construction Warranty as per our T&C's.



2021 January Build Slot Deposit For Your Moni Self Build.

SKU: 2021 Jan SB
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