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Welcome to the TinyUK Family & thank you 

for taking the time to read the T&C's in advance of your purchase.

Unlike many companies we do not add millions of hidden extra charges for consultation, design plans, site surveys. Instead for transparency we include these into our advertised home sale price. Customer may choose to opt out of a pre site survey before it commences, in doing so the associated costs will be deducted from your final payment.


TinyUK construction warranty, is a minimum of a 50 year warranty that covers the integrity of the methods in which we TinyUK use materials relating to preventing weather from entering the interior of your tiny home in accordance with product manufacturers installation guidelines.

To ensure we are as fair as possible, TinyUK warranty covers genuine fault on behalf of the TinyUK team. Warranty does not cover situations where after TinyUK have signed ownership over to the customer,  people/ events outside of TinyUK control have knowingly or unknowingly compromised  construction or assembly work. e.g. if the new owner makes modifications which result in failures, or a member of public inflicts damage, in these situations the warranty will be void.

TinyUK have gone above & beyond installation requirements, for example your TinyUK home has 3 separate waterproof layers in it's roof construction to ensure it remains watertight. Comparatively most domestic houses only have one or two waterproof layers.

To give you further peace of mind our team have experience of building in the most extreme environments on earth such as at the South Pole. This is why we have the confidence to provide a Construction Warranty of 50 years.

As you would naturally expect all the products we use are covered by their specific manufacturers warranties.

It's never happened yet but in the unlikely event any of TinyUK methods of installation result in a leak internally the owners must make documented contact to the TinyUK team as soon as possible, such as via mobile/ email, which should contain as much visual documentation as they can capture. A thorough inspection & repairs will be carried out at TinyUK own expense if the circumstances indicated TinyUK is at fault. Repairs will be carried out within 24hrs of inspection or on a alternative date agreed with the owner. Alternative accommodation will be provided; subject to fault and/ or should the inspection deem it necessary, this will also be at TinyUK own expense & provided on the same day.

  As you would naturally expect any destruction or damage to any items or loss or any legal liability caused by any events outside of TinyUK control are not covered by the warranty. Naturally like all home owners in the world it is your choice to contact a insurance provider to make arrangements to cover your own home with a policy.

Mentions of none zero to low thermally bridged walls refers to our high performance interior walls surfaces having a insulation partition between the interior surface and the outer building envelope, with the only exceptions naturally being for where we have to install the following doors, windows, vents & service ports. 


TinyUK 50 year Construction Warranty is 100% transferable to new owners should the time come for you to sell your TinyUK home.


Delivery will be free within mainland UK to a location of the owners choosing. You will need to have a access width ideally of no less than 2.6meter wide by 4meter high. The new owners shall ensure the area is clear, flat & ready for their new TinyUK home to be placed upon. Every entrance has it's own uniquely different variables our survey team will assist with helpful site setup advice in advance of delivery.

Delivery will be charged at £1 per mile &/ or include two way ferry costs for none mainland UK locations.

Delivery will be charged at two euros per km for deliveries in mainland EU, with the distance calculated from the nearest EU port that has a connection to the UK, along with associated ferry costs.

Any additional delivery charges such as country specific taxes & ferries costs will need to be paid at time of final payment. We do not deliver outside of the EU.


Included in your deposit is a survey. The TinyUK team will inspect the entire route from our workshop to your location within mainland UK, to identify obstacles such as low bridges, overgrown vegetation, narrow sections of road, none passable corners & advise on your chosen location suitability. Locations outside of mainland UK will not be visited in person by the TinyUK team instead their survey will be a desktop based survey using available resources & assistance with the customer to provide helpful information, all customers have the choice to decline the pre route & site survey before it commences, the associated costs of this will be reduced from the final payment.

Should the owner need the TinyUK home positioned across a field,  then we will assist the new owners to organise in advance the hire of a suitable vehicle (e.g. local farm tractor & operator £100) to tow the TinyUK home across the field, this shall be arranged in advance for the same time of delivery. The new owner will need to complete all paperwork before the TinyUK home is connected to anything other than a TinyUK delivery vehicle. 


Any access roads and/or verge works required prior or after a delivery will be at the new owners expense. Any vegetation that needs to be removed in advance to meet the 2.6meter width by 4meter height clearance requirement will be the new owners responsibility on private access routes & will be TinyUK survey teams responsibility on public roads. Our survey team have previous experience of planning road movements for colossal sized items such as wind turbines. All TinyUK homes are a max height of 4m.


Any delivery that requires leaving a road or hard standing. e.g. owner wishes to use a non commercial vehicle ferry, train, tractor or crane. In the event of such situations these will be the owners responsibility to pay for in advance. The new owner will first sign all delivery notes of ownership before disconnecting model from TinyUK delivery vehicle & before any activities are permitted to take place.

The new owner is responsible for ensuring their chosen location is suitable to site a TinyUK home this includes managing any required permission & rights. We are able to assist new owners with installing & connecting any suitable tie downs. For legal reasons we have to tell you that tie downs are recommended to be installed by a professional & to always be connected to the TinyUK home when not in transit, this will potentially eliminate movement in adverse weather conditions. You may wish to decide to mount your home upon suitable supports, & you may wish to decide to remove all wheels which could potentially prevent the tires developing flat spots, along with potentially eliminating movement from the suspension, these may be decisions you decide to make when the home will not be in transit for long periods of time.


The title of all goods & any warranties shall remain with TinyUK Ltd until delivery of goods has been signed for by the owner.


Delayed Delivery? 

Final Payments must be made before delivery commences.

The owner must be able to accept delivery on agreed date. Failure to do so will result in a weekly storage charge of £70 (These rates may be subject to change if/when storage landlord alters their rates), which must be paid weekly.  The maximum time the commissioned work can stay in unpaid storage is 60 days.

It is the future owners duty & responsibility to organise their chosen location. 

Should commissioned completed work with it's unpaid storage fees reach 60 days, then on day 61, TinyUK reserve the right to sell the commissioned work. The cost of associated construction costs & unpaid storage fees will be refunded to TinyUK Ltd, The original commissioner or their nominated person will receive the remaining funds raised from the sale within 30 days of TinyUK receiving payment for the sale. Ultimately we don't have space in our workshop to store million of tiny homes.

If new owners do struggle to find a location to site their new home, It is worth contacting local farms in your area that already have boats, motorhomes, caravans etc. As they are the most likely locations to already have permission & potential available space to store additional recreational vehicles.

The TinyUK team are not responsible for any inconvenience caused by delays we experience with manufacturers, or their suppliers or agents, supplying parts needed for the construction of your new TinyUK home.

Should the new owner wish to change design aspects once materials have been ordered, then this will most likely result in delays & the client paying for addition materials. Which must be paid on the day requested or work will continue as previously agreed.

We will make reasonable attempts to deliver your home on the agreed date & time, as long as our work day is not affected by: poor weather conditions; industrial disputes (official or not); failure of the public transport system (including the road network); and other circumstances that prevent access such as restrictions of movement imposed locally and/ or internationally to your location or otherwise make it impractical to fulfil any agreement. No storage fees will be charged for any of these reasons.

Any future movements of any TinyUK home after the initial delivery are the sole responsibility of the owner.




All build slots are confirmed once your deposit is confirmed.

We do not accept any cash payments. 

Any attempt to purchase using cash will be reported to

HMRC Money Laundering Regulations.

We only accept payments via online banking.

Here at TinyUK we appreciate everyone's life changes in unpredictable ways. Should the customers situation change, then at no extra cost they will have the option to delay their build slot to a later date that's available.

Design options must be agreed & final payment completed before construction begins. Failure to make a decision or payment by the date requested, will result in either a partial refund to reflect the TinyUK teams time invested so far or reallocation to a build slot of a later date. Any reallocation of dates will be decided at TinyUK teams discretion.

If additional surveys are requested there will a additional associated cost.

Where applicable all refunds will have the following deducted from their deposits: TinyUK time invested and the costs of purchased construction materials. This includes our time spent answering technical questions charged at £50 per correspondence. Surveys &/ or site visits carried out by TinyUK will be deducted as a minimum charge of £300 plus £2 per mile charged from our workshop in Lancaster, to your location & back to Lancaster. Construction technical design plans drafted up for your Bespoke Tiny Home build these will be charged at £500 per set.

Surprisingly many hours go into these bespoke design plans.

Any request for refunds due to reasons out side of TinyUK Control are also subject to all our terms & conditions.


Refunds that are due will be made within 30 days of the request. unless refund is conditional of resale of partial paid tiny home or outstanding fees in regard to our other terms & conditions.

We reserve the right to refund any payments without notification if we believe we TinyUK have committed a administration error.

We reserve the right to hold onto deposits in full until a complete police investigation has taken place should we believe the request/ & or multiple request for refunds has been requested for malicious, disruptive or business interference objectives.

It's not happened yet but in the unfortunate event TinyUK has constructed components incorrectly this will result in either a partial refund to cover the appropriate associated cost of materials or to replace materials. or alternatively any rectifications needed will be carried out by the TinyUK team on a mutually agreeable date. All options will be discussed and agreed mutually. We take great care with documenting all our work with visual evidence such as photos and video footage which will be made available if any situation requires them.
Also all design changes requested by the customer after original agreed design will be subject to being signed & any associated extra costs paid for before work continues.


Ultimately we do not supervise owners, however we believe in being as fair as possible, this is why self builds still come with our 50 year construction warranty covering the work that the TinyUK team have done prior to new owners working on their own self build.

Self builds come with their agreed designed exterior fully finished, along with all external doors & windows installed ready to use

Self Builds are subject to all our Terms & Conditions.

New owners are responsible for providing all their internal fittings, along with being responsible for organising the installation of all interior related aspects, such as but not limited to wiring, plumbing, carpentry & service ports. 


TinyUK do supply floor, wall and ceiling 100mm depth insulation which will arrive inside your TinyUK home pre-bagged ready for you to use in the ceiling and walls.

Owners are responsible for supplying and installing their own interior & exterior items such as but not limited to: solar setups in their entirety, beds, cupboards, kitchens, bathroom, laminate flooring, cookers washing machine, all appliances, all fixtures & fittings.

Self builds have the potential to match TinyUK Moni Omega energy performance rating, when owners organise their completed self builds to the same specifications of TinyUK Model: Moni Omega (non self build homes)

Owners are responsible for managing the methods & risks in which they safely choose to carry out any of their organised chosen work activities relating to every component related to their homes interior, exterior of their homes. 

All Owners will only be permitted to organise their own works after the Moni self build responsibility of ownership has been signed by the new owners.

TinyUK are not responsible for any injuries or construction mistakes new owners incur during the process of new owners working on their own Moni self build project. 

With signing acceptance of TinyUK terms & conditions you agree that TinyUK ltd are not responsible for any unfortunate events that arise under your ownership & due to circumstances outside of TinyUK ltd control.


As every employer we naturally have a duty of care to protect our employees in every aspect of their working day.

Not that this has ever happened, but for legal reasons we have to mention, our employee's like everyone deserve not to suffer abuse, either verbal or physical at their place of work, this has never happened, however we reserve the right to cancel any customers project with immediate effect if they are found to be abusive to any of our employees. A refund will be issued minus any associated cost deductions as mentioned in our other terms & conditions.




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