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 Tiny Home Design Competition

Here at TinyUK we are dedicated to continually developing & exploring the next generation for high performance sustainable TinyUK homes.  

What better way to keep achieving this, than by designs created by students who will be  the world's upcoming designers of the future. 

The Challenge

Design a energy plus tiny home.

i.e. A tiny home that produces more energy than it uses.

That weighs 3500kg or less, including it's road legal chassis & weight of appliances.

That is suitable for two people to live in for all seasons.

That is constructed to be zero to low maintenance.


The winner will receive our exclusive tiny home designer of the year award.

Along with the opportunity to work on their own design with the TinyUK team.

How To Apply

Upload a 9minute YouTube post of yourself explaining your teams design, this is to be titled:

Design Competition TYUK ( followed by random numbers e.g. 12345678)

We will be checking all uploads from the 15th of February.

1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners will be contacted by the TinyUK team via YouTube on the 1st of March 2022.

Due to the high number of entries we are unable to contact everyone who will be unsuccessful this time, If you don't hear from the team on the 1st of October, don't worry as you can always reapply for our 2023 competition.



You must be 18 or over.

Best of Luck 

from all of us at the TinyUK team

As you would naturally expect with the whole Covid situation we reserve the right to adjust this opportunity presented to match all situations outside of our control.

e.g. government restrictions etc.

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